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Latest Weapons, Equipment and Systems of China South Industries Group Corporation Soon Debut at the High-Tech Expo

中国(绵阳)科技城国际科技博览会 2017-09-07 22:30:09

China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City will stage on another "civil-military integration feast" in September—the Fifth China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo (the "High-Tech Expo") will have its grand opening on September 7. It is reported that as one of the 12 major military group corporations in China, China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) has been confirmed to attend the Expo. This is another exciting interaction between CSGC and Mianyang after the settlement of CSGC's Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Center project in Mianyang.

With an exhibition area up to 250 square meters, CSGC will attend this Expo together with several of its affiliated research institutes and enterprises, and will make debut a number of latest weapons, equipment and systems, high-tech products and "military-into-civil" products, including Satcom on the move satellite communication system, tethered UAV reconnaissance and patrol system, sentry warning system, nuclear radiation detector, etc.

CSGC has been attending the Expo for four consecutive times, with a view to actively showcasing latest scientific research results and high-tech products in the military use and "military-into-civil" fields, vigorously promoting the transfer and promotion of civil-military dual use technologies, and tapping more markets.

Relevant person from CSGC says that the Group attaches great importance to the rich national defense science and technology resources of Sichuan. As the only science and technology city in China, Mianyang has made numerous attempts and explorations in the civil-military integration field with great results. CSGC hopes to, through the Expo platform, actively seek more cooperative development fields with Mianyang and even Sichuan, transfer more civil-military dual use technologies, and jointly explore more new models and mechanisms in the civil-military integration field.

According to reports, CSGC's Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Center was unveiled in May 2017, the first time a military group corporation deploys such a center in Sichuan. Setting within CSGC's Southwest Automation Research Institute, the Center will carry out intelligent manufacturing technology research, process equipment development, application demonstration and result transfer by leveraging on the core technical advantages of the Institute in intelligent manufacturing. Aiming at promoting the automation, digitalization and intelligentization of the manufacturing process, and improving product quality and production efficiency, the Center will help improve the overall intelligent manufacturing level of CSGC and even entire Sichuan and Chongqing.

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China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) is a state-owned backbone enterprise under the direct management of the central government and a core force in the national defense science and technology industry. The Group has established production bases or marketing institutions in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with products sold to over 100 countries and regions. Out of foreign trade and international cooperation needs, CSGC now owns over 50 enterprises and research institutes like China Chang'an Automobile Group, Tianwei Group Ltd., Chongqing Jialing Special Equipment Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Jianshe Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Its main businesses include special products, vehicles, equipment manufacturing, etc. As a backbone force in the national defense science and technology industry, CSGC has formed four equipment systems: terminal defense, light weapons, advanced ammunition, and anti-terrorist and emergency response. Its equipment is widely used in all national defense forces, including China's ground force, navy, air force, rocket force, public security and armed police, so the Group plays a fundamental and strategic role in China's national defense and security. In February 2017, CSGC was ranked 101st among Fortune Global 500.


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