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Breaking Story! 44 Fortune 500 Companies Will Be Present at the High-Tech Expo

中国(绵阳)科技城国际科技博览会 2017-09-07 22:33:45

The Fifth High-Tech Expo, with a theme of "Civil-Military Integration · Scientific and Technological Innovation · Open Cooperation", will be soon revealed in Mianyang from September 7 to 9. The reporter has learnt from the Organizing Committee Office yesterday (18th) that compared with the previous years, this year's Expo features higher degree of internationalization. As of the date of this press release, more than 700 high-tech enterprises from over 20 countries and regions have confirmed to attend the Expo, including 44 Fortune 500 companies. By then, a large number of "high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge" products will have their debut.

This Expo will set up 17 exhibition areas, including the BeiDou satellite industry area, military group and national defense industry area, aviation equipment area, information technology area, big data area, etc., while the 44 Fortune 500 companies will be evenly distributed among these areas. The following lists some overseas Fortune 500 companies that have confirmed to attend the Expo and their exhibited products: ABB, which has attended the Expo for four consecutive times, will reveal its AC/DC charging piles and other products; Johnson Controls, a global leader in diversified technologies and industry, will bring its smart building demonstration box, multi-functional VAVBOX and other advanced automatic control systems; Honeywell, leader of diversified manufacturing technologies, will focus on industrial and home building control technologies and showcase its air purification, water purification, filtration, and other advanced air/water treatment products; Caterpillar, the world's largest construction machinery and mining equipment manufacturer, will make debut two mini hydraulic excavators—303.5ECR and 305.5E2; Bosch, the world's leading technical and service supplier, will display its industry-leading advanced power tools and other technical and consumer products.

Besides, "heavyweight" brands that are commonly seen in daily life such as Panasonic, Canon, Lenovo, Intel, Samsung, Sony, LG, Fujitsu, Dell, Danaher, and Mitsubishi will gather together in Mianyang. Audiences will have a chance to see numerous latest high-tech products, latest scientific and technological achievements and patent technologies. (Source: Mianyang Daily)


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